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Features of Nas Toa welded Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes
1. Integrated Production System
         The group of Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co.,Ltd. is the sole stainless steel producer in Japan where the integrated production system is from smelting of nickel one, the principal raw material , up to the welded stainless steel pipes and tubes. The pipes and tubes produced by this integrated system, boast of highest quality.

2. Production Techiques
         Nas Toa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. produces medium and small diameter pipes and tubes based on the same techniques as Nas Toa Co.,Ltd. in Japan which is proud of the high quality and large production of welded staninless steel pipes and tubes in Japan.

3. Wide Application
         Nas Toa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is quality - oriented and products are used for wide applications such as piping for chemical, NG and atomic power plants tubes for various boilers and heat exchangers, for building and domestic water piping and ice-making.